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Goldprice Review

Our first review is of the website goldprice.org for two reasons.

Firstly, it is perhaps one of the best sites for information about all aspects of gold on the net. And two, the author of most of the articles on gold are by yours truly and so I can claim to know something about the site and about gold.

Secondly the site is very well laid out with a very extensive range of gold prices from the present time going back 25 years. Also the price in real time is given in various currencies. There is also the gold price in ounces, grams and kilos. A series of very useful gold calculators. A historical ratio of gold to silver and a daily column by Franklin Sanders, noted gold authority and enthusiast.

The site was established over 10 years ago by Gold Price Pty Ltd, a noted gold authority and has remained in the top few sites on gold information consistently for 10 years.

This is an informational site and no products are sold on this site.

However there is a highly useful gold price calculator complete with a small booklet explaining how it is used at http://goldprice.org/index.html# A useful page to bookmark.

The site is compatible with smart phones and tablets as well as desktops and notebooks. The iPhone and Android are supported by an App for each. Checkout the gold-price-iphone-app.goldprice.org/ and gold-price-android-app.goldprice.org/.

Gold Price Charts
There is an extensive range of gold price charts in 26 currencies:

Gold Price Australia
Gold Price Argentina
Gold Price Brazil
Gold Price Canada
Gold Price Columbia
Gold Price China
Gold Price Hong Kong
Gold Price India
Gold Price Indonesia
Gold Price Japan
Gold Price Kuwait
Gold Price Malaysia
Gold Price Russia
Gold Price South Africa
Gold Price Turkey
Gold Price UK

and covering the following time rangee:

24 hours
3 Day
30 Day
60 Days
One month
Also Historial data is available for 1,2 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years of data.

Gold Coins
The gold price for various coins is drawn from various gold coin sellers and posted on the site also so comparisons can be drawn.

This includes a list of gold bullion dealers, their premium and their gold price. One can also check the prices of gold bullion and coins on eBay. A useful feature to get an idea of the current market price people are asking and paying for gold.

Gold Price Articles
There is perhaps 300 to 400 articles on gold from the basic 'what is gold' through to how gold short selling is done, from how to sell scrap gold through to what is Islamic gold and even information on Olympic gold coins not generally known. There are sections on the various gold dealers in most of the popular countries, sections on gold newsletters and even gold prospecting. There is literally hours of reading all about gold on the site.

There is also an extensive section on silver and a silver sister site with similar information on silver at silverprice.org".

Gold Bullion
There is considerable information about gold bullion from the articles to a breakdown of particular silver coins. Too much to list here but to give you an idea there is informatin on:

American Eagle Gold Coin
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
South African Krugerrand Gold Coin
American Buffalo Gold Coin
Gold Sovereign
Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin
are just a few of the coins listed.

Gold Subject list
A list of gold subjects on the site include:

Gold Price Charts and Quotes
Gold Price
Spot Gold
Live Gold Price
Gold Price per Ounce
Gold Price per Gram
Gold Price per Kilo
Gold Price History
Gold Futures
Dubai Gold Price
How to Buy Gold
Gold Dealers
Scrap Gold Dealers
UK Gold Dealers
European Gold Dealers
Australian Gold Dealers
Gold Mints
Gold Stock Newsletters
How to Buy Silver
Gold Coins
Gold Jewelry
Scrap Gold Price Calculator
Gold Prospecting
Prospecting For Gold
Gold Prospecting Equipment
Gold Prospecting Clubs
Where to Sell your Prospected Gold
Gold Metal Detectors
Gold Coins
Gold Bullion
American Eagle Gold Coin
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
South African Krugerrand Gold Coin
American Buffalo Gold Coin
Gold Sovereign
Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin

This is perhaps the most comprehensive web site on gold on the net and if you are interested in gold in all its aspect there is no better place you coupd go. the gold price and everything you ever wanted to know about gold. Highly recommended.

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